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Trends in digital marketing that people should be talking about but are not

Be The Big Ad: Utilizing Google’s New Ad Extensions

Posted 6.22.2023

In the dynamic world of digital advertising, standing out from the crowd is crucial. It is why in Google Search Ads, we preach “Be the Big Ad”. That means to use everything extra part of ads like photos, text, logos and more to stand out. These extras are called extensions and traditional extensions like callouts, calls and site links have proven their worth. Google’s recent and underutilized ad extensions present an untapped goldmine for savvy marketers.

Let’s delve deeper into these exciting enhancements and their potential to transform your Google ads from mere search results into compelling, conversion-driving forces.

The Newest Additions: Business Name and Logo Extensions

Google has recently launched its latest ad extensions: business name and logo extensions.

Business Name Extensions

Business name extensions allow you to spotlight your brand name as a unique element in your ad. This enhancement significantly boosts brand visibility, an essential tool for businesses striving to distinguish themselves in saturated markets.

Logo Extensions

Logo extensions take this concept further, allowing you to incorporate your business logo directly into your search ad. Logos, the epitome of brand identity, inspire trust and loyalty, significantly enhancing the overall impact of your ad.

Name and Logo Extensions

The Underutilized Powerhouses: App, Lead Form, and Promotion Extensions

Though these extensions have been available for around a year, many businesses are yet to harness their full potential.

App Extensions

Google ads app extension

If your business has a mobile app, App extensions provide a golden opportunity to drive installs and foster user engagement right from the search results page.

Lead Form Extensions

Lead Form Extension

Lead form extensions simplify conversions, enabling users to express interest in your offerings directly within your ad by filling out a streamlined form without ever leaving the search results page. This seamless process can dramatically boost conversion rates.

Promotion Extensions

Google Ads Promotion Extension

Everyone loves a great deal. Promotion extensions allow you to highlight special offers directly within your ad. Showcasing potential savings upfront can attract more clicks and conversions.

Tried and True: Images, Sitelinks, Callouts and Structured Snippets

Despite the exciting developments in ad extensions, the power of tried-and-true extensions like images, sitelinks, callouts and structured snippets shouldn’t be underestimated.

Images can instantly grab attention and convey your message, sitelinks direct users to specific pages on your site, callouts highlight your USPs and structured snippets provide extra details about your products or services. They’ve stood the test of time for a reason: they work. Incorporating these classics into your strategy can significantly bolster your ad’s effectiveness.

Creating the big ad is about more than just size; it’s about maximizing your Google Search Ads’ functionality, appeal and interactivity. Marrying the best of the old with the new can produce ads that not only stand out but also engage and convert. Embrace these extensions, experiment with various combinations and find what resonates best with your audience to deliver ROI.

Looking to maximize your brand’s potential and boost conversions with Google’s latest ad extensions? Rhoads Creative can help. With our expertise in digital advertising and a keen understanding of Google’s ever-evolving tools, we’re ready to transform your ads to drive ROI and, stand out in the saturated digital market. Don’t miss out on untapped opportunities! Contact Rhoads Creative today and let us guide you on the path to online advertising success.

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