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Trends in digital marketing that people should be talking about but are not

Learning from Hyundai’s Amazon Move: E-Commerce Strategies for Homebuilders

Posted 11.28.2023

The recent announcement that Hyundai will begin selling cars on Amazon in 2024 marks a significant shift in the sales landscape. As highlighted by TechCrunch, this development is not just about cars on a digital platform; it’s a testament to a broader trend where traditional non-digital businesses are adopting e-commerce thinking.

For homebuilding and renovation companies, this news isn’t about preparing for the day when homes or projects will be sold on Amazon or similar platforms – that’s still a way off. It’s about companies who have always relied on traditional sales methods adopting an e-commerce mindset to supercharge their sales and marketing. By doing so, homebuilders will thrive in today’s market and be well-prepared for future shifts toward online selling and e-commerce.

In this blog, we’ll explore three starting points for adopting e-commerce strategies, acknowledging that this journey can delve much deeper.

Laptop with Data Metrics on Screen

1. Comprehensive Data Collection

The first step is all about data collection. E-commerce thrives on data, and so should your business. This means capturing every possible data point, not just online form submissions. Are you tracking every detail of visitor interactions at your sales centers? How about mining data from phone calls, emails, and texts into actionable data? Is your website set up to track every interaction, from a scroll to a contact form? This level of detailed data collection lays the groundwork for a deep understanding of customer behaviors and preferences.

Person Working on Two Monitors

2. Embracing a Robust CRM System

A powerful CRM system is non-negotiable in this journey. As we discussed in our previous blog, a sophisticated CRM system does more than store data—it converts it into actionable insights. For homebuilders and remodelers, embracing a CRM system that can handle and make sense of vast amounts of data is crucial. It’s about having a tool that organizes customer information and provides insights into each customer’s journey and preferences, enabling personalized and effective marketing.

Phone With Headphones and Cartoon People Surrounding

3. Focusing on ROAS: The Ultimate Metric

The culmination of collecting extensive data and utilizing a robust CRM is the ability to focus on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). ROAS is a critical e-commerce metric that measures the effectiveness of your advertising by comparing the revenue generated to the amount spent. It’s a shift from traditional metrics like impressions, clicks, click-through rates (CTR) and even conversions to focusing on how advertising spending directly contributes to sales. This approach allows companies to connect each buyer to their sales journey, offering a tangible measure of marketing ROI. This isn’t a futuristic concept; it’s a strategy that can and should be applied now for immediate results.

A Timex Clock

The Urgency of Now – Tomorrow is Too Late

The partnership between Hyundai and Amazon is another wake-up call for homebuilders to start thinking like e-commerce companies now, preparing not just for the distant future but optimizing current strategies for immediate impact and success.

At Rhoads Creative, we’ve always been at the forefront of focusing on ROAS and ROI in digital marketing. We specialize in connecting the dots between your marketing efforts and measurable results. If your current marketing strategies aren’t leveraging these critical e-commerce insights, it’s time to make a change.

Contact us today and let us help you transform your marketing strategies, ensuring that every investment in advertising is not just an expense but a strategic, profit-generating decision. Embrace the digital future now with us by your side.

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