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Google March 2024 Core Update: What It Means for Your AI-Generated Content

Posted 3.8.2024

Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving, but when Google announces an update, it’s a signal to pay attention. The March 2024 update is one of those moments—a significant change that underscores the importance of quality content in search rankings. Let’s explain what this means for using AI in content creation and how to navigate these changes effectively.

Understanding The Google March 2024 Update

The core of the update is simple: Google wants to ensure that the content people find through search is valuable, informative, and engaging. This means that websites offering high-quality content are more likely to be seen and appreciated by a wider audience. This is great news for content creators who invest time and effort into making their information helpful to their readers.

What About AI-Generated Content in This Update?

If you’re using AI to help create content, you might wonder if this update spells trouble. The short answer is no, as long as you use AI wisely. Google isn’t banning AI-generated content. Instead, it’s focusing on the quality of the content, regardless of how it’s produced. Content that’s helpful and engaging, whether written by a human or with AI assistance, will be valued.

AI On a Mother Board

Our Approach to Content at Rhoads Creative

At Rhoads Creative, we’ve always seen AI as a tool to enhance our creative process, not replace it. Like a valuable employee, AI needs guidance, direction and oversight. We use AI to draft content, but we always ensure it aligns with our strategy, meets our quality standards and is thoroughly reviewed and refined by our team.

Why This Matters

This approach is essential now more than ever. With Google’s new update, using AI without consideration for the quality and relevance of the content could harm your site’s visibility. However, if you’re already using AI responsibly—as a tool in a broader content creation strategy—you’re on the right path.

People Creating Content on their laptop

Moving Forward With Content Creation

Here’s the bottom line: keep creating content that serves your audience’s needs. Use AI as a part of your toolkit, but remember that strategy, human insight and quality control make content stand out. If you do this, Google’s updates will likely work in your favor, helping your valuable content reach more people.

In essence, Google’s update reminds us of the importance of quality content. For those of us at Rhoads Creative and others using AI thoughtfully, it’s an opportunity to shine even brighter in the digital landscape. Let’s keep aiming for content that informs, engages and makes a difference.

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